These are the current members serving on the Corley-Mountain Rural Fire Department as firefighters. These members have went through the necessary training to be firefighters. These members give up their time to volunteer to serve their community to help preserve from fire what is imporant to everyone. If it was not for these members, this fire department would not be able to do what it does today. It is the community this department serves and its members that keep the department going. Join us in saying thanks to these members as we, the members of this fire department, say thanks to you for allowing us to serve you.


The department is always in need of volunteers to keep the department going. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining the department as a firefighter, you are welcome to attend any of our training meetings held each month at the Corley Station 1 John Strahan Firehouse. Please view the link below for meeting dates and times.

CMRFD Meeting Schedules Link

1810 Molton 1811 Dennis Moeller 1812 Whitley 1813 Carter 1814 Reames 1815 Grist 1816 Strahan 1819 Churchman 1820 Bariola 1821 1822 Siribouth 1823 Ellington 1824 Stueve 1825 Gonzalez 18261828 Berry 1829 Moeller 1830 Jarrell 1831 Thrailkill